Equities Analysts Offer Predictions for NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s Q1 2024 Earnings (NASDAQ:NRBO)

NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:NRBOFree Report) – Investment analysts at Zacks Small Cap issued their Q1 2024 earnings per share estimates for shares of NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals in a report released on Tuesday, April 23rd. Zacks Small Cap analyst D. Bautz expects that the company will post earnings per share of ($0.95) for the quarter. The consensus estimate for NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals’ current full-year earnings is ($3.00) per share. Zacks Small Cap also issued estimates for NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals’ Q2 2024 earnings at ($0.95) EPS, Q3 2024 earnings at ($0.97) EPS, Q4 2024 earnings at ($0.97) EPS and FY2026 earnings at ($2.56) EPS.

NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals Price Performance

NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals stock opened at $3.10 on Thursday. The stock has a fifty day simple moving average of $4.43 and a two-hundred day simple moving average of $3.96. NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals has a 12 month low of $2.89 and a 12 month high of $6.75.

About NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals

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NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focuses on developing and commercializing novel pharmaceuticals to treat cardiometabolic diseases. It develops DA-1241, a novel G-Protein-Coupled Receptor 119 agonist with development optionality as a standalone and/or combination therapy for both NASH and T2D; and DA-1726, a novel oxyntomodulin analogue functioning as a GLP1R/GCGR dual agonist for the treatment of NASH and obesity.

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