Netflix Has Posted a Job Listing…For A Flight Attendant?

It seems, lately, whenever Netflix makes headlines, it is due to either the release of a new show or the cancellation of one everyone loves. Indeed, it is rare that a Netflix conversation involves anything other than their content decisions. This week, though, Netflix is attracting attention for something completely out of the stratosphere: the streaming giant plans to hire a single flight attendant for their corporate flight crew.

According to the Netflix job post, a Netflix flight attendant is expected to embrace their corporate culture, which “places a strong emphasis on operating with Freedom and Responsibility, with independence and a lot of self-motivation.”

And while this may seem like a given set of circumstances for many tech companies—as well as standard requirements for an in-crew position with any major airline—the part of the job posting turning heads is the salary. Netflix has identified the “overall market range” for this position to be between $60,000 and $385,000, which includes “total compensation, as opposed to just base salary.” Keep in mind this job listing comes after several hundred layoffs last year.

Yes, that is a broad range, but the in the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, median [annual] pay for a flight attendant (by 2021 data) is about $61,640. Effectively this puts the new Netflix flight attendant position far above the average nationwide salary for this position in a traditional setting. By comparison, the average starting pay for a first-year flight attendant is closer to $40k a year; and far more complicated schedules often fetter the position.

But while a traditional in-flight position may have a bit more flexibility—because you can bid for shifts and swap them with others—the Netflix flight attendant role will require a bit more flexibility. This includes working extended periods away from home and being available for nights, weekends, and holidays. Also, the position requires the flight attendant to make San Jose, California, their base city.

Otherwise, the position is very similar to the traditional in-flight role. Responsibilities will include—but obviously may not be limited to—pre-flight inspection of all emergency equipment, loading luggage, and safety and emergency briefings. It could also include ground duty at Netflix’s hangar, in San Jose.